From the director of Kundun and New York, New York

"He's here to clean up the streets"

"He's here to clean up the streets"

I am a huge fan of the work on display at Fake Criterions, where artists create Criterion Collection-style covers for films that don’t deserve to be listed amongst such superb films. (Note: if you have to check to see what Criterion is, you may be visiting the wrong blog). Last month Fake Criterions launched their “Double Fakeout Fake Criterions” month, where designers were challenged to create fake DVD box art for films that never existed to begin with, but which were mentioned within the fiction of other films, TV shows and so forth. I finally seized my chance to give it a try, and with considerable help from the Photoshop skills of Emily Bohannon, produced the entry above.

Flight of the Conchords fans will recognise the reference to the episode “The Actor”, in which aspiring actor/dry cleaner Ben (Will Forte) claims he has been offered a role in Martin Scorsese’s latest feature, Dry Cleaner, but fails to convince the show’s heroes to believe him. In a scene tucked into the end credits, Dry Cleaner is revealed to be a “real” film, featuring John Turturro. Dry Cleaner is undeniably a better credit for that actor than Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen!

Unfortunately, Fake Criterions were not sold on it, and it did not make it onto their site, but I’m very proud of it, so here it is.

Oh, and if you think this was obscure, bear in mind that my last post was about a book on a shelf in the background of one shot in a documentary about finance. So… yeah.

Update: April 2012 – Fake Criterions have added Dry Cleaner to their latest group of Double Fakeouts. So very proud.


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