About the Film Cricket

An avid film fan since his teens, with interests spanning all genres, periods and countries of origin, David Neary began writing the Diary of a Film Cricket initially as a column in The University Observer, the leading student newspaper in University College Dublin, Ireland’s largest third level institution.

Since then his reviews have been published in a variety of publications and websites, from In Dublin Magazine to The Irish Daily Star, and Film Ireland Magazine (and FilmIreland.net) to NextProjection.com. He is a practicing media archivist and curator, as well as an Assistant Editor at Cineaste.


This blog, as it stands, is a means of recording my ongoing love affair with film and my many thoughts, from the bizarre and crude to the honest and heartfelt, which are inspired by the art of the cinema. I am also a prolific tweeter, tweeting regularly on film at DeusExCinema.


4 responses to “About the Film Cricket

  1. Yo dude! Great blog, man. I wanted to reach out to you about our recently completed feature comedy, The Ultimate Ultimate. We’ve begun submitting it to film fests in the US & we’d be thrilled if we could get it on your site in some capacity, even if it’s to tell us that the Irish over there are ashamed we carry their bloodline. Hope to hear back from you!

    Trailer: http://youtu.be/4RiNkgx8LV4?hd=1

  2. sushinase

    Ahhh! I wish you had an index of contents, I love the way you write about movies. Beasts of the Southern Wild research brought me here 🙂

  3. dave

    Hi Sushinase, thanks for your kind comment, and glad you’re also a fan of Beasts. I’m not very handy with the WordPress tools, but I will look into setting up a contents list.

  4. David

    I’m afraid you’ve got the wrong Film Cricket!

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