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The New Year: Resolutions

Happy Neo Year?

This image is to help explain the awkward pun in the title

The path to blogging hell is paved with good intentions, but I hope now that after a long absence I can return to my writing with a renewed confidence. And should I fail again, so be it.

But I have more free time now than I have had in the previous months, so expect a few reviews and opinion pieces, an overdue round-up of my favourite films of 2010 (and, err, 2009) and of course my annual live-blogging of the Oscars. Also due soon is the already promised Shakespearean movie mash-up by myself and Fustilarian. It’s gonna be awesome, honest!

In the meantime, be sure to follow me on Twitter @DeusExCinema. The closest I’ve come to blogging in the past months is to regularly tweet, so even when my blog writing lapses you can be assured I am still watching more movies than doctors would rec0mmend.

Here’s to a late start to 2011, and hopefully many more entries in the months to come…


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