#MTOS – Movie Talk On Sundays, Let’s go to the movies (March 25, 2012)

As part of my court-ordered requirement to give back to the film community*, this Sunday, March 25, I will be hosting the Twitter-based movie questionnaire known as #MTOS (Movie Talk On Sunday).

Begun almost a year ago now, #MTOS is a means for getting Twitter’s biggest film fans discussing movies, finding out about films they’ve never heard of while also getting a few good debates going.

The fun kicks off on Sunday at 8:00pm GMT, and lasts for an hour and a half, with a new question every 10 minutes. Please note that summer time begins in the UK/Ireland this Sunday morning, so #MTOS will start at the adjusted time (this means five hours earlier for the US West Coast, instead of four, as last week – no I don’t know why we don’t all switch at the same time).

Normally the theme for the week is a movie genre of sorts, but this week I’m mixing it up with the theme “Let’s go to the movies”, asking you about your cinema-going trends, anecdotes and horror stories.

Please note that as an Irishman I say “cinema” instead of “movie theater”, please translate as needed.

It’s recommended you follow me on @deusexcinema for the duration of #MTOS at least (or, if you already follow me, don’t want to take part and don’t want your feed overflowing with movie banter, unfollow me for the duration, whichever works).

Here are this week’s questions:

1. What is your favourite cinema/movie theater in the world? Why?

2. What is your earliest memory of going to the movies?

3. All things considered, are you happier out at the movies or watching one in the comfort of your own home?

4. Movie food! What do you like? What do you hate? What do you wish they sold in the lobby?

5. What is the worst thing another audience member can do to ruin your movie-going experience?

6. What is the best experience you have ever had at the movies? (note: not necessarily the best film you saw)

7. And what’s the worst experience you have ever had at the movies? (again not necessarily the worst film)

8. What is the one movie you feel everyone should see on the big screen at least once?

9. What movie have you only seen on the small screen that you want to see on the big screen most of all?

10. Congratulations, you now own a cinema! What is it called? What makes it better than other cinemas?

Now here comes the science bit, concentrate.

Movie Talk On Sunday is an initiative to get the Twitter Film Community together at one time and one day each week to discuss various film-related topics. The aim of the whole exercise, besides having fun is to find new individuals who share the same passion for films as you do and also in the process find out about different aspects about movies. You can count on finding about new movies, interesting facts, and who knows even gossip.

How Does It Work?

It really is simple. There are 10 questions. We will throw out 1 question relating to the week’s topic every 10 minutes starting at 20:00 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) every Sunday evening. All the questions and subsequent answers and discussions, by you, should simply be followed by #MTOS. In your Twitter “search” you can type in #MTOS and follow what everyone is saying and henceforth answer back and take part. If you “like” someone’s answer simply Re-Tweet it like you would normally on Twitter.

In order to make #MTOS more interactive we have started asking everyone to post their blog links related to the topic of the week throughout the week with the hashtag  (#MTOS) so that everyone can simple search #MTOS at any time and read interesting write-ups before the actually event that Sunday.


*no, not really



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3 responses to “#MTOS – Movie Talk On Sundays, Let’s go to the movies (March 25, 2012)

  1. I won’t be participating on Sunday but I’d be surprised if anyone tops my horror story at the cinema which happened on Monday 19th March. A preview screening that started 20 minutes late meaning the queue waiting to get in was so long it was so long it tailed right round the foyer and back on itself. This caused chaos when we were eventually allowed in. Lazy staff who didn’t direct paying customers to the Box Office and who originally joined out queue in error. A 3D film that was out of focus until I went for staff assistance. Multiple uses of phones by people texting etc. The usual parade of people in and out visiting the toilet, slamming doors as they entered and returned. Two men sitting next to me speaking to each other in Arabic during the film and using their phones but lying to me about it! I mustn’t forget the piece de resistance:- a huge argument took place in the middle of the auditorium between several groups of people. Shouting and swearing loudly! Finally, at the end of the film, as the credits rolled, the screen split and there was a post credit film at the same time. The men seated next to me, proceeded to climb over me because I had the nerve to want to watch the end of the film! Wonderful experience! Beat that! lol

  2. Sounds nice! Hope I can join in on Sunday!

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