From Paris with Love? No thanks.


Now, I enjoyed Taken as much as the next racist man, which is quite a lot, but not even John Travolta’s bald crown could convince me to go see director Pierre Morel’s new film From Paris with Love.

Why? Well, because not even its own advertisements seem to have faith in the film.

Two agents. One city. No Merci.

I always say yes to a good pun (and often to a bad one too), but did no-one at Movie Posters Inc. stop to think for one moment just what the double meaning actually meant?

“Two agents. One City. No thank you.” Oh, ok then.

Yes, I’m being exceedingly literal, but seriously, if the tagline doesn’t instill confidence, why should I be expected to fork out?


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One response to “From Paris with Love? No thanks.

  1. Darren

    Ah now, that’s an above-CSI-grade pun there. Maybe they’re saying “No thank you” to the city. Morel clearly hates it, at least subconsciously with the amount of crass, vindictive and destructive Americans he seems to enjoy setting upon it.

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